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Originally, RedJolokia is a system that was set up for a sandwich shop.


What was the problem?
The orders were made by telephone and the customers came to pick them up in order to pay for them.
The orders were not always ready, there were from time to time errors in understanding the order.


How to fix the problem and increase your turnover?
While maintaining quality, reliability and adding the ease of management of your shop The goal is to give:
  • an order tool (browser and phone) for customers and resellers
  • an order management tool to be produced by the cook
  • a billing tool if necessary
Among the many features, there are:
  • the multi-shop; a management of products by shop (possibility to have different products depending on the place)
  • invoicing b2b, b2c, statistics, ...
  • a management of the orders with a display on tablets of the orders to be prepared according to the place of the order
  • the possibility, when an order is ready, to send a TEXT message or an email to the customer, ...
  • mobile app for the orders and the tacking.
  • many other options, it's tailor-made.
How does it work?
  • The customer goes to the site or the mobile application and proceeds with the order.
  • He can choose the time of delivery or pick-up (for the same day or the next day for example)
  • He can pay directly by card or upon receipt of the order.
  • He will also choose the type of delivery (pick-up or on-site).
  • Once the order is sent, the cooks automatically receive the order information on a tablet (fixed on a wall for example). The advantage of the tablet is that in the event of a power outage or the Internet, the system will continue to function despite everything.
  • The list of preparations appears in the order of the orders (according to the delivery times chosen by the customers)
  • When the cook has finished the order, he will tap on the screen to close the order.
  • A message is sent directly to the client (TEXT and / or email).
  • Customers who have already paid for their order will receive it with their reference and name.
  • This greatly reduces queues and customers are delighted.
Some examples